Dog Parentage Analysis (DNA profiles needed to perform analysis)

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Parentage Test (for 1 puppy)

In the parentage analysis, also in canine parentage test, DNA profiles of potential parents and an offspring are established and compared. In general, an offspring inherits half of the genetic information from the mother and the other half from the father. In parentage verification each allele in the offspring should match the allele in the same locus of one parent in order to confirm the parentage. In case of confirmed maternity, all markers not inherited from the mother should have been inherited from the father. In case of a mismatch in at least one locus, paternity can be excluded.

Parentage testing can be very useful for verification of the pedigree, verification of parentage when buying an animal, in case when you know the dame but are not sure who the sire is, etc.

Note: One parentage analysis is for one puppy, if you need parentage confirmation for more puppies add one analysis per puppy to cart.

Parentage analysis requires DNA profiles for every dog (puppy, sire, dam). If you don’t have a DNA profile you can order it here: Dog DNA Profiling

For results we guarantee determination of 17 of 22 markers.


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