PANEL DOG COAT XXL – All breeds – 6 Color Loci

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Product Description

Dog coat color testing – Genetic testing

Dog coat color testing enables to discover coat color genes of your dog that are not expressed. Today’s scientists and breeders are familiar with locations on chromosomes, or loci, responsible for appropriate dog coat color, which in turn depends on the dog’s descent. Each dog has two alleles for each locus and differing loci affect related pigments differently.

To be able to predict the dog coat color of future cubs, it is vital to know the family tree but even then it is not always possible to be certain. Genes for some dog coat color or patterns are recessive and can be hidden throughout generations, but they are genetically present and can be expressed when the dog is bred with a dog of a specific genotype. Genetic testing (coat color testing) is the only way to be certain of dog coat color genetic heritage.

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