Cat DNA Profiling

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DNA Profiling

Here you can read about DNA profiling and its benefits. Genotyping, or determination of genetic profile is based on testing a panel of high-variable DNA markers, microsatellites (STR).  An individual carries two alleles on each STR locus which can be the same or differ in length. For each individual a unique and unmistakable DNA profile is generated and it does not change during life, and because of that properties it is also popularly called „DNA fingerprint“.

Genotyping is performed on a panel of STR’s according to ISAG recommendations (International Society of Animal Genetics), thus providing an accuracy of DNA profile of more than 99.9%.

Having a DNA profile of an animal can be useful in many cases, such as loss or theft, exclusion of genetic diseases („clear by parentage“), insemination, selection of breeding pair, paternity verification and lifelong identification (in cases of microchip failure).

Note: For results we guarantee determination 12 of 15 markers.


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