Dog Show Animalabs

Visit us at European Dog Show 2016 in Brussels, Belgium

After 4 Summer Night Shows in Split, our next stop is an even bigger dog lovers and breeders event: FCI-European Dog Show 2016, in Brussels, Belgium, held on 26.-28. August.

As Belgium was the first country in history to organise a dog show, we expect this show to be very interesting and a lot of dog breeds to be seen. More than 12 000 dogs are expected to be shown in these three days.

First AnimaLabs presentation on Black Cat Show

Black Cat show is an annual international cat show held on 15th and 16th of November in WestGate Shopping City. The show got its name because of unique detail during the show – visitors can also win a prize, if they mask themselves in a black cat. This was an ideal opportunity for AnimaLabs to present itself for the first time. Our goal was to inform both owners and visitors about importance of DNA testing, but we also wanted to raise awareness of our brand.