Breeding Carriers – DNA Testing in Breeding Program

Doubts and questions regarding breeding carriers have been present among dog breeders since first development of modern dog breeds. With the fast development in the field of genetics and molecular biology, a number of DNA tests became available for purebred dogs. These tests became a powerful tool in the control of the quality of one’s dog, but DNA tests also enabled planning of breeding program on a whole new level.

Dog coat color - different colors in labradors

Dog Coat Color – Genetic Tests

After the first domestication of dogs from the grey wolf, the number of the dog population grew quickly, matching the rising number of agrarian societies. Even in those early ages of the first dog populations, people were breeding dogs in order to acquire desired traits. One of the most important traits was, and still is, the dog coat color.

Cat blood Group

 Cat blood group The AB cat blood group system is both unique and typical of blood groups of other species. It is unique because it appears to be the sole major blood group system. Since it has only two common alleles and the vast majority of cats have the same blood type A, the cat…