Cooperation with breed clubs

As one of our working goals, AnimaLabs© is focusing on assisting breeders in their future breeding with the use of DNA tests in order to breed healthy animals. Due to high interest, AnimaLabs© decided to suggest cooperation with breed clubs in order to fulfill that goal. We are very pleased that the breed clubs recognized the benefits and importance of our cooperation, and that we provided breed club members timely recognition of their animals’ susceptibility to developing inherited diseases; all at affordable and reasonable prices.

German shepherds - DNA tests for genetic diseases

German shepherds – DNA tests for genetic diseases

German shepherds as we know them today is a relatively new breed. This breed is the result of a vision of a man named Max von Stepanitz. His vision was to create a superior German herding work dog. He pictured an athletic, intelligent dog that was fast, capable and had a good sense of smell.  In 1899 during a show Von Stepanitz came across a dog named Hektor Linksrhein, which was just like the one he had imagined. Von Stepanitz bought the dog immediately and changed its name to Horand von Grafrath. Soon after that he founded The German Shepherd Association to establish a breed from Horand’s descendants. Rapid industrialization reduced the need for shepherd dogs, so the future of this breed was focused on police and military work.